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Following the Crow Wing Trail

A group of travelers, riding on horse drawn wagons, made their away across South Eastern Manitoba  following the historic Crow Wing Trail from Emerson to St.Malo (65 km in all). The Crow Wing Trail, also part of the Transcanada Trail, and an important trading route in the1800’s, could become a themed tourism package for those looking for a hands on experience of Manitoba’s history in the region.

18 invited participants, mostly from the tourism sector, took part in this 3-day excursion organized by the Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM). The goal: to work out the logistics of offering such a tour all the while looking for ways to make the experience as authentic as possible. Many of the participants were new to the Crow Wing Trail and were surprised not only by its rich history but by the beauty of its landscape.


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