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A new opportunity to gather this summer!




A new community festival will be held in the village of La Broquerie on July 31 at the HyLife Centre. The festival, LaBrise Métisfest, is an initiative of the La Broquerie Community Development Corporation (CDC) aimed at bringing people together to celebrate, says Richard Turenne, CDC project officer.

He explains. “Every year, La Broquerie organizes an amazing festival in June for Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, but there’s nothing after that. We wanted to create another opportunity to gather during the summer. When the weather’s nice, people want to be out and about.”


The idea came from the Young Entrepreneur camp that CDEM has held in La Broquerie for the past six years. “The camp teaches young people marketing skills. After being introduced to the basics of entrepreneurship, they think of a product and make it. Then they sell their creations.”



“It’s been so successful that we created a community market around it, Le Marché La Brise, and brought in a dozen or so other vendors in addition to the youth.” Several hundred people visit the market.


Thanks to the young entrepreneurs and the professional vendors, Le Marché La Brise quickly became a unifying event. Hundreds come to see it. “That’s where the idea of creating a new festival around the market comes from. We want to continue to build the market, adding musicians and other interesting attractions.”



The program details have yet to be confirmed, but one thing is certain: the festival will have a Métis flavour. “We already know that there’ll be an authentic Red River ox cart, a teepee and historical interpretation. This was important to us because we discovered that there are 800 Métis living in La Broquerie,” says Turenne. “I myself am Métis!”


The main objective of the new festival is to “get people out celebrating.” The organizing team wants it to reflect the entire community of La Broquerie.


As for the July 31 launch date, “it’s a strategic choice,” says Turenne. “We had thought of holding it the long weekend in August, but a lot of people head to the cottage that weekend. So by holding the festival a week earlier, we think it’ll draw more people.”


To find a name for the new festival, the CDC launched a contest. “ Mélanie Tétrault and Gabriel Gagnon submitted the winning logo and name for our festival. ” We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to submit ideas for a logo and name. The contest was open to everyone, regardless of age or place of residence."


Mélanie Tétrault and Gabriel Gagnon, winners of festival naming contest.




CDEM is a proud partner of La Brise Métisfest

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