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50 Years of Frog Fun

The Frog Follies festival has been a must-see summer attraction in St. Pierre-Jolys for the past 50 years. People of all ages, the famous, locals and visitors, French and English-speakers, come together to celebrate and set their frogs a-jumping in a convivial atmosphere.



Frogs have been jumping at the Frog Follies in St. Pierre-Jolys for the past 50 years.






The Frog Follies festival dates back to the year of Manitoba’s Centennial. Edmond Labossière, who helped organize the first edition, recalls: “The idea of a frog-themed festival came from a play on words. Back then, people would use “frogs” as a derogatory term for French-Canadians.”


Edmond Labossière (left) seen here in the early days of the Frog Follies


The first Frog Follies festival featured a brief visit by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. The frog jumping competition continues to be a festival highlight.


“The first contest in 1970 was very different from what we do today,” Edmond Labossière laughs. “The frogs would be placed on an eight-foot-long table surrounded by netting so they wouldn’t escape.”


“Later, in the 1980s, they introduced betting. A great many people bet on which frog would go the farthest after three jumps! Those bets brought in hundreds of people. It lasted two years.”


Edmond Labossière goes on to say that the festival only got its name in 1976. Prior to that, “it was more about getting together with friends and family to have fun. The festival became the Frog Follies when it was incorporated.”


In its 50-year history, the Frog Follies festival has continued to offer new experiences to keep visitors happy and entertained. Today’s festival is all about families. “There are really a lot of kids and young people who participate in the frog jumping contest. The atmosphere is very family friendly, and everyone is welcome to take part.”



Frog Follies take place from July 11-14 in St.Pierre-Jolys



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