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The unique and vibrant culture of Manitoba’s francophone communities is alive and well. Whether in the city or off the beaten track, there are so many ways to experience this rich culture for yourself!


Follow the cultural evolution of Manitoba’s francophone communities from the past to the present.  Discover the places where Francophones first set foot more than two centuries ago. Retrace the steps of the Voyageurs heading West in search of furs. Hike the trails they forged and experience first-hand the Joie de vivre of French-speaking Manitoba!


Learn more about Manitoba’s fascinating francophone heritage when you visit local museums, monuments and historical sites, many of which offer guided tours. For culture buffs, there are art galleries and French language theatre!


Come and see what makes our culture so unique!

Archbishop's House

St. Boniface

Built under the guidance of Bishop Taché, the west wing of this residence (facing the Red River) stands as one of the oldest stone buildings remaining in Western Canada. Its mansard roof...

151 de la Cathedrale Ave., R2H 0H6
(204) 237-9851

Blue Water Trail

St. Georges

The Blue Water Trail is a section of the Trans-Canada trail that runs through the communities of St. Georges and Powerview-Pine Falls. Those who follow it will have the chance to see the magnificent...

(204) 367-9970
Open year round

Centre culturel franco-manitobain, CCFM

St. Boniface

A focal point for French cultural life in Winnipeg, the CCFM is home to many events and celebrations year round. It features an art gallery, restaurant and concert halls. The CCFM is a frequent host...

340 Provencher Blvd., R2H 0G7
(204) 233-8972
Open year round

Centre du Patrimoine/Heritage Centre, SHSB

St. Boniface

Established to preserve and promote Francophone history in Manitoba, the Heritage Centre contains the largest Franco-Manitoban archives in Manitoba. The Centre also features the most complete...

340 Provencher Blvd, R2H 0G7
(204) 233-4888
Open year round

Cercle Molière - French Theater

St. Boniface

Canada's oldest theater company, the Cercle Molière, is proud to showcase the talent of many Franco-Manitoban actors and playwrights. 

340 Provencher Blvd

Cercle Molière - French Theater

St. Boniface

Canada's oldest theater company, the Cercle Molière, is proud to showcase the talent of many Franco-Manitoban actors and playwrights. 

340 Provencher Blvd

Dawson Trail Museum


The Musée Dawson Trail Museum is a historical gem featuring a Romanesque church, a century-old cemetery, artifact displays and guided tours. Exhibits provide a narrative of the area and...

67 Dawson Road East
204 422-9369

Former Trappist Monastery Guesthouse

St. Norbert

In keeping with the Trappist tradition of hospitality, this former Trappist guesthouse was built in 1912 to provide comfortable lodging to visitors of the monastery. The guesthouse’s functional...

100 rue des Ruines
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3V 1L6
(204) 269-0564

Fort Ellice and Beaver House Monument

St. Lazare

This monument, located at the junction of the Assiniboine and Qu’Appelle Rivers 2 km southeast of Saint-Lazare, lies on the former site of old Fort Ellice, which was once a major fur trading...

(204) 683-2252
Open Year Round

Gabrielle-Roy Museum


The Gabrielle-Roy Museum contains a collection of objects that once belonged to the Roy family, as well as letters written by Gabrielle Roy. There is also a large triptych which depicts the life and...

289 Carlton Avenue, Somerset, MB, R0G 2L0
(204) 744-2170
Open year round

Guided Walking Tour of Old St. Boniface

St. Boniface

Find out about the people, the buildings and events that have shaped today’s Old St. Boniface. Discover the unique architecture, atmosphere and charm of a vibrant community that reflects both...

219 Provencher Blvd., R2H 0G4
(204) 233-8343 or toll free:1 866 808-8338
From Victoria Day to Labour day or on request

In Riel’s Footsteps presented by Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum

St. Boniface

In Riel’s Footsteps is a bilingual outdoor guided tour of the Saint-Boniface Cathedral’s cemetery, an interactive experience that makes learning about French-Canadian and Métis...

Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum 494 avenue Taché Saint-Boniface, MB R2H 2B2

(204) 237-4500
Public programming: July and August Schedule: TBA Pricing: $12 (includes a daily pass of Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum) Family: $40

La Maison des artistes visuels francophones

St. Boniface

Discover our local fine artists!The old City Hall building turned Art Gallery displays the works of Francophone visual artists. The gallery shows the drawings, paintings, sculptures, photography and...

219 Provencher Blvd., R2H 0G4
(204) 237-5964
Open year round

Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum and Gift shop.

St. Boniface

  Housed in a former convent of the Grey Nuns, this museum features artifacts and displays about French-Canadian and Métis history in Western Canada. The building itself is of historical...

494 Taché Ave., R2H 2B2
(204) 237-4500
Open year round

Maison Gabrielle-Roy House and the 'Au bonheur d'occasion' Gift Shop

St. Boniface

This two-and-one-half storey gable framed house was the family home of world-renowned Franco-Manitoban author Gabrielle Roy. The house was built in 1905 and served as the setting for several of her...

375 Deschambault St., R2H 3B4
(204) 231-3853
Open year round

Manitoba Dairy Museum/St. Claude Museum

St. Claude

Learn all about dairy production at the Manitoba Dairy Museum. The latter features over 2,000 artifacts and is housed in a number of buildings, one of these being the town’s old Canadian...

164 Jobin Avenue, R0G 1Z0
(204) 379-2156 or (204) 379-2228
From 15th May until 15th September

Musée Saint-Pierre-Jolys Museum

St. Pierre-Jolys

Step back in history and imagine being greeted by the Sisters in the parlor or the room where the Mother Superior lived. Built in 1900, the former convent of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus...

432 Joubert Street, R0A 1V0
(204) 433-7635
July and August

Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes Grotto (1954)


Located west of the village’s elementary school, this quiet grotto was created in 1954 by the local inhabitants in gratitude to the Virgin Mary for protecting the youth of the village against...

Main Street, R0G 1M0

Pioneers and Chanoinesses Museum


Two museums in one; this museum explores the life of the early pioneers of the region, while chronicling the history of the Order of nuns known as "Chanoinesses régulières des Cinq...

55, Rogers Street, Box 186, Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, R0G 1M0
204 248-7220 ou 204 248-7290
Open year round

Precious Blood Parish

St. Boniface

The remarkable spiral design of this major work by Franco-Manitoban architect Étienne Gaboury makes the church a remarkable sight to behold. The shape of the roof is intended to represent the...

200 Kenny street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2H 2E4
(204) 233-2874
Open year round

Riel House National Historic Site (Parks Canada)

St. Vital

A National Historic Site, Riel House was the home of Louis Riel’s family, and where their descendants continued to reside until 1969. It has since been restored to its 1886 appearance and...

330 River Rd.
Winnipeg, MB
R2M 4A5
School programs : May & June General public: July & August

Royal Canadian Mint and Boutique

St. Vital

Plan a visit that will help you appreciate the technology and innovation of the Royal Canadian Mint. The Interactive Museum describes the fascinating coin production process. You will even have the...

520 Lagimodière Blvd., R2J 3E7
(204) 983-6429
Open year round

Saint-Claude Church

St. Claude

This beautiful Roman Catholic church was designed by renowned Manitoba architect Étienne Gaboury. It features a computerized chime system that plays relaxing melodies at regular intervals...

84 Provincial Road 240S, R0G 1Z0
(204) 379-2434
All year round

Saint-Claude Grotto

St. Claude

In the beginning, this picturesque grotto was located in the yard of the convent of the Sisters of the Cross. It is now part of the enclosure belonging to the first parish cemetery.

Taché Street, R0G 1Z0
(204) 379-2382
Spring, summer, fall

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church

St. Jean-Baptiste

Made of Tyndall stone, this church features paintings by local artist Étienne Bissonnette.

(204) 758-3454
Open year round

St. Boniface Cathedral

St. Boniface

The current cathedral is actually the fifth built on this site since 1818. The 1908 structure, which preceded the current building, was a splendid basilica that was destroyed by fire in 1968. The new...

190 de la Cathédrale Ave., R2H 0H7
(204) 233-7304
Open year round

St. Boniface Historic Tour

St. Boniface

Discover the places and landmark who contributed to the French-Canadian and Metis community raise in Western Canada and their stories. Once considered the gate to Western Canada, St...

St. Claude Gaol Museum

St. Claude

Come visit the only place in Canada where you can have fun in jail! Constructed in 1912-1913, the building which now houses the museum has been used for more than one purpose since then: jail, fire...

5, Provincial Route 5, St. Claude, MB, R0G 1Z0
(204) 379-2679

St. Claude’s Pipe

St. Claude

This local landmark, the world’s second largest pipe (6 meters long and 1.5 meters high), was constructed in recognition of the first settlers to the area. They came from a town also called St...

(204) 379-2382
All year round

St. Léon Interpretation Centre

St. Léon

Interpretation Centre on wind energy as well as the salamander, the little migratory creature that is found everywhere in the region during the summer.

35 baie du lac, St. Léon, MB, R0G 2E0
(204) 242-4374
Open year round

St. Norbert Catholic Church

Built in 1883, the church that once stood here was destroyed by fire in 1929. The current church was built on the ruins and is home to a restored 1906 organ from Sacré-Coeur Parish in Winnipeg.

80 Saint-Pierre street
St. Norbert, MB
R3V 1J8
(204) 269-3240

St. Norbert Farmers’ Market

St. Norbert

Welcome to the St. Norbert Farmers’ Market, Manitoba’s largest open-air market! For 30 years, it has been offering consumers an array of produce, fresh-baked bread and honey. The market...

3514 Pembina Hwy., R3V 1A1
(204) 275-8349
End of May to mid-October

St.Claude Cenotaph

St. Claude

This monument, inaugurated on July 14, 1921, is dedicated to soldiers who died in combat during the First World War and to those who have fallen since, in wars throughout the world. The monument is...

Taché Street, R0G 1Z0
Year round

Statue of Dom Paul Benoît


This bronze statue by Franco-Manitoban artist Réal Bérard depicts Dom Paul Benoît – the founder of Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes (1850-1915).

In front of the church, Notre-Dame Avenue, R0G 1M0

The Old Bell of Saint-Claude

St. Claude

This bell was taken from Saint-Claude’s second church, which was demolished in 1965 as it was no longer large enough to serve the congregation. The old bell of Saint-Claude is now featured on...

81 Aspen ave. S, R0G 1Z0
(204) 379-2434
All year round

The Old Presbytery Museum and Historic Church (1918) Monseigneur Taché Historic Site


The Monseigneur Taché Historic site is situated in the middle of the scenic hamlet of Ste. Geneviève, Manitoba and dates back to 1918. A historic church made of Canadian timber is home...

98 Saltel Road, Ste. Geneviève, MB R5J 0B9
Postal adress: #50154 - MUN 41E, Ste. Geneviève, MB, R5J 0B9
204 422-8508
Open July and August

The St. Joseph Museum

St. Joseph

What’s the best way to describe the St. Joseph Museum? A village within a village! The museum features a number of restored buildings, including houses, a school, a stable, a smithy and a...

25 Brais Boulevard
St. Joseph, MB R0G 2C0
(204) 737-2244
End of May to end of September

University of St. Boniface

St. Boniface

This university is the oldest post-secondary educational institution in Western Canada. The sculpture of Louis Riel by Franco-Manitoban sculptor Marcien Lemay, located outside on the building's East...

200 de la Cathédrale Ave., R2H 0H7
(204) 233-0210
Open year round

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