St. Joseph

Aprox Population: 200

Unlike many francophone communities in the Red River Valley, St. Joseph (est. 1889) is not located by the river, but rather six kilometres west of Letellier. 

Livestock, grain and seed operations are important industries in the local economy. St. Joseph’s location in a region known for its bean production has earned it the moniker of “bean town”!

But that’s not all. St. Joseph also has Manitoba’s largest wind farm – a sign of modern times in a community that is still devoted to keeping its history alive.

You can marvel at the enormous wind turbines and visit the St. Joseph Museum to learn more about the way of life of the region’s pioneers over a century ago. 

Don’t miss the "Festival Patrimoine Montcalm" heritage festival, held in St. Joseph every July. The program includes a parade, a barbecue, children’s activities and a one-of-a-kind grain-bag-filling contest. Now that’s something few festivals can boast!

Montcalm Heritage Festival

Festivals & events

The Montcalm Heritage Festival, a two-day event celebrating culture and tradition, will be held on June 13 to 15, 2014 on the Musée St. Joseph Museum grounds. Admission to the...

Musée St. Joseph Museum
25 Brais Boulevard
St. Joseph, MB R0G 2C0
(204) 737-2244
June 14 and 15, 2014

The Saint-Joseph Museum

Attractions & Historic Sites , Agritourism

The Musée St. Joseph Museum Inc. was established to preserve the history and culture of the Rural Municipality of Montcalm for the enjoyment of the residents and visitors to the area...

25 Brais Boulevard
St. Joseph, MB R0G 2C0
(204) 737-2244
End of May to end of September

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