Poutine Trail

Manitoba's southeastern bilingual communities serve poutines that are as tasty as they are original. Try them out along the Poutine Trail and discover the French flavour of the region!

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Fall Supper

Autumn is near. And with autumn comes fall suppers. Don’t miss out on this wonderful Prairie tradition. Sit down for a meal and rub shoulders with folks from Manitoba’s rural bilingual communities!

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St. Norbert Farmers’ Market

Welcome to the St. Norbert Farmers’ Market, Manitoba’s largest open-air market! For 30 years, it has been offering consumers an array of local produce. More than just a market, it is an important community gathering place.

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St. Michael's Wilderness Adventure

You dream of getting away from it all? Whether you are an avid outdoorsman or just new to the wilderness, Maurice Nault is happy to outfit you and make the most of your outdoor experiences!

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